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​Kelli​ Cronin - Member at Large

Christa Terill - Merchandise

The Detroit Parrot Head Club is the 5th oldest chapter of the PHIP and we are in our 23d year!

We are a Social and Community Group

that plays a proud part in supporting

local charities and local outreach. We

have numerous events through the year,

social, community and national.  We are

proud of the work we do for the charities

and local support activities.   Come join

us, meet some new friends and possible

reconnect with old friends.

(See our Club News and Events Page)     

See The "About the DPHC" page for the Club By-Laws, committee/officer descriptions and more.   If your email

address has changed in the past year, please send an update


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Doug Nichol - Webmaster

Mary Stevens - Membership

TBD - Highway Clean Up / Entertainment

2015 DPHC Chair Positions

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Caryn Gilliand - Member at Large

Mary Stevens - Member at Large

ED, Schroeder

 - Secretary

Dennis Farquhar


Christa Terrill - Vice President

2017 DPHC

Board Members

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For Open Board Meeting Minutes and Board Bylaws    (DPHC Members Only) Please contact:

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Detroit Parrot Head Club